About gallery


St. Petersburg gallery Anna Nova, opened in 2005, nowadays is one of the leading Russian galleries working in the field of contemporary art.
The gallery purposefully sets out to promote contemporary visual art, presenting and selling works of Russian and foreign artists of different art trends: from underground masters to the celebrities of modern art.

The gallery initiates original innovative projects, which apply the fundamental ideas of XXI century art, providing access to the newest achievements of the modern art world to a wide audience. Presented in the solo projects and thematic group exhibitions, there is the whole range of art diversity and media: painting, drawing, sculpture, objects, installations, video-art, performance etc. 
Large-scale and complicated installations are a specialty and characteristic feature of the Anna Nova gallery.
The gallery’s principles combine freedom and flexibility towards creative concepts and formats, characteristic for contemporary art, with strict criteria in their approach to maintaining the standard and quality of art projects.

The gallery is highly active in the international art market, participating in significant Russian, European and Asian contemporary art fairs, such as Vienna Art Fair, Art London, ARCO Madrid, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, COSMOSCOW, etc. As a result, the position of the gallery’s artists in the art world is outstanding.

In its implementation as a business model and way of artistic support, the Anna Nova gallery pays special attention to elucidative work, which encourages a better understanding by the public of the newest art. The gallery offers educational programs, round-table conferences and lectures regarding the analysis of contemporary art tendencies, national and international trends, and the important aspects of the art market's functions.

Anna Nova’s other important objective is to form an art community, developing dynamic relations between art and society and creating productive interaction between the audience, curators, artists and collectors. The gallery’s work is covered in the informational and analytical press and TV. Private viewings and projects gather art-lovers, the intellectual artistic and business elite, specialists and plenty of new faces who are in the process of discovering contemporary art - the youth, for instance, or potential connoisseurs and collectors of art.

The gallery offers diverse assistance in the compilation of private and corporate contemporary art collections: from the aesthetic and economical principles of building a collection advice to assistance in choosing paintings which suit particular interiors.