North-7 аrt group

North-7 аrt group

North-7 аrt group

Art group. Research base. St. Petersburg, Russia

North-7 - a group of artists emerged from the experimental research base founded in 2013 by the group of friends-graduates from St.Petersburg State Secondary Art School and ProArte Foundation School for Young Artists.

The artists investigate national context with no regard to already existing institutional dictates or intellectual trends.

North-7 is far self-reliant artistic organism, extracting strong energy from the process of inner relations between community participants. Group participants experiment with different artistic languages and forms while performative practices remain the main activity for the group as they represent an essential form of collective involvement in living artistic experience.

Group members: Alexandr Tsikarishvili, Nestor Engelke, Petr Dyakov, Leonid Tskhe, Anna Andrjievskaya, Nestor Kharchenko, Oleg Khmelev, Liza Tsikarishvili and friends.


2020 Nevskiy express, Art4 museum, Moscow, Russia
2019 Lost & Found North-7 Expedition, M HKA, Antwerp, Belgium
2019 Summer camp 07/19, Anna Nova Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2019 Horizon-19, New Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2019 Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben pavilion, Da!Moscow art fair, Gostiny dvor, Moscow, Russia
2018 SADPPN-7, North-7 School of Active Drawing And Performative Posing. Ovcharenko Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2018 SPASIBO, Book Illustration Library, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 Rik-Pitek. Masters School, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 The Seventh Part of the World, Name gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 Flying Bar, project for 13 Barents Spektakel Festival "The Industrial Boomerang", Kirkines, Norway
2017 North-7 School of Active Drawing and Performative Posing. Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 Hunting of the Snark, performance for "Night of Museums" festival, Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-garde, St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 North-7 Archive, Contemporary Art Space, Batumi, Georgia
2015 The Artist is absent, North-7 Research Base, St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 ЯТЛЗЯТП, Varochny Tseh Contemporary Art Space, Moscow, Russia
2014 Towers, Manifesta-10 parallel program, North-7 Research Base, St. Petersburg, Russia
2014 North Market, North-7 Research Base, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 Public art project in collaboration with Machiel Bitz, New Holland Island, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012-13 Establishment of the North-7 Research Base

Art Fairs

2019 Da!Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2016 Supermarket art fair, Stockholm, Sweden