Rostan Tavasiev

Rostan Tavasiev

Rostan Tavasiev

Born in Moscow.
Graduated from the Professional Lyceum of Arts and Crafts № 332 named after Carl
Faberge on a specialty - The Jeweler of a wide structure.
Entered the Moscow State Art-industrial University named after Stroganov on a faculty of Graphic Design.
Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA) Moscow.
Lives and works in Moscow.

Personal exhibitions:
2017 A drop of Creacin, Anna Nova gallery, St.Petersburg, RUssia

2015 Warm it up! Pechersky Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014 Imagination and paper, CCA in Grozny, Grozny , Russia

2013 Imagination and paper, National museum RNO-Alania, Vladikavkaz , Russia

2013 it's complicated... MAMM, Moscow, Russia

2013 it's complicated... Anna Nova Art Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2012 Questions of landskape, Museum “Apartment of Arkhip Kuindji”

2012 Branch of the Russian Academy of Arts Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2012 Hippopart. Museum center of Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2011 Postmoosernism of hippopart. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2010 The lower deths 3D. E.Berezkina foundation ERA, Moscow, Russia

2009 Milky Way. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2007 New Heroism. Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, Paris, France

2006 Poppycock. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2005 Synthepon (synthetic winterize). Within the frameworks of 1st Moscow Biennale
of Contemporary Art, Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Selected group exhibitions:

2015 Public art program at VDNH, Moscow, Russia

2015 Reading Room, Leningrad Center, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2014 Innovation, ZUM, Moscow, Russia

2013 GOSZAKAZ. Winzavod. Moscow, Russia

2013 Dreams for those who are awake. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia

2012 Decoration of the beautiful. Elitism and kitch in contemporary art. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2012 Monuments and Documents. Мain exhibition of contemporary art. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2012 Animal Style. Ekaterinburg, Perm. Russia

2011 V International symposium Alanika. Vladikavkaz. Russia

2011 SVOBODA. Spazio Carbonesi. Bologna, Italy

2011 In depth. IX International Krasnoyarsk Biennale. Krasnoyarsk. Russia

2010 Stroganovka. Expanding the borders... Qui vive? I Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. Stroganov academy. Moscow, Russia

2010 Imperfetto. Spazio Carbonesi. Bologna, Italy

2009 Invasion: Evasion. BAIBAKOV art projects. Moscow,Russia

2009 No Toys. Within the framework of 3 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art,
special project. State Tretiyakov’s Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2009 Surfaces. Aidan Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2009 Russian dreams… Bass Museum of Art. Miami, USA

2009 Absolut Creative Future. Contemporary Art Center Winzavod. Moscow, Russia

2008 Russian Art: paradoxes of history National Academy of Art. Sofia, Bulgaria

2008 Арт Art Moscow 2008. CHA. Moscow, Russia

2008 Laughterlife. DIEHL + GALLERY ONE. Moscow, Russia

2008 Laughterlife. Paradise Row gallery. London, England

2007 Soc-Art. Maison Rouge. Paris, France

2007 XV. Group exhibition of gallery’s artists. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2007 Aziopa. Within the framework of 2 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art,
special project. Moscow, Russia

2007 Gulf Art Fair. Dubai, Emirates

2006 FIAC 06. Paris, France

2006 ARTFIELD Technology. Zelenograd, Russia

2005 Russian POP-ART, State Tretiyakov’s Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2005 ARTFIELD. Open-air exhibition, Moscow, Russia

2005 Dialectics of Hope. Main Project First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art,
Moscow, Russia

2004 FIAC 2004. Paris, France

2004 Art Klyazma, Russia

2004 Art Moscow 2004, CHA, Moscow, Russia

2004 No Glamour, Zverevs Art Center, Moscow, Russia

2004 Space, One Viewer gallery, Moscow, Russia

2004 Intimate Photography Festival, Reflex gallery, Moscow, Russia

2004 Golden apples, Psychedelic in Russian tale, Larets gallery, Moscow, Russia

2004 Kommission, Comic Fest, 1-е place in photo novella, Moscow, Russia

2003 New coundown. Digital Russia with SONY. CHA. Moscow, Russia

2003 Illustrated Russian Constitution. Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

Public collections:

The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia. - contemporary art museum, Moscow, Russia.
National Center For Contemporary Art (NCCA) - Moscow Branch, Moscow
Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow
Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia.
Museum center of Krasnoyarsk. Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Tomsk State art museum. Tomsk, Russia.