Andrey Hlobistin

Andrey Hlobistin

Andrey Hlobistin

Andrey Leonidovich Khlobystin (January 29, 1961, Leningrad) - Russian painter and art critic, curator.

One of the first art historians engaged an independent art. Author of numerous works on the history of art, organizer of many conferences and exhibitions of contemporary art.

Since 1987 he exhibited as a member of "New Artists". Member of the "Bass / Treble", "Club of Friends of Mayakovsky", Scientific Secretary of the "New Academy of Fine Arts." Participated in more than 100 exhibitions worldwide. He worked at the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", head of the sector Palaces Lower Park in Peterhof, a librarian at the Hermitage, taught art history at the University of. Herzen. Since 1993 - the publisher of the magazine "Art Will", newspapers "Susanin 2003" and "genius." Director of the Archives Library of Independent Art in partnership "Free Culture". Since childhood, illustrated books on archeology and their parents participated in expeditions from Central Asia to the Arctic; studied at the Drawing circle at Vyborg Palace of Pioneers.

In 1977 he graduated from the Art School № 1 Dzerzhinsky district.

In 1983, his first degree at the Department of History of Art History Department of the Leningrad State. University. Zhdanov (teachers - NN Kalitina, ID Chechot, VA Bulkin et al.)

In 1985 - one of the founders of the "Leningrad Art Critics Club" - the first independent professional organization engaged in contemporary art. The first art historian, worked at the Leningrad underground youth of the 1980s.

1989 active participant in the rave movement, nascent Fontanka-145, at the Planetarium and the club "Tunnel". Since 1989 he has traveled, lived and worked in Paris, New York, Mexico City, Berlin, Vienna and met with many luminaries of modern art and mass culture: John Cage, Nam June Paik, Donald Judd and others. In 1997 he led the transfer of "New Composers" at the first techno radio station "Record".

In 2000 he opened the St. Petersburg Archive and Library of Independent Art (PAiBNI) at Art Center "Pushkinskaya-10", where he spent more than fifty exhibitions on the history of modern Leningrad / St Petersburg culture.

In 2008, together I. Pomerantseva organized Petersburg Video Archive (PVA). Author of numerous publications on contemporary art and culture.

Published in samizdat magazines of the 1980s "The Hours", "Mitin Journal" and periodicals "Art», «ARTchronika», «CI", "Comments", "steps", "NoMI", "Cabinet", "Interior + Design "" Kommersant "," Vedomosti "," Bill "," Talion »,« New Observation »,« Art Journal "," Cabinet "," Russian Telegraph "," Rural Life »,« Framework »,« NEWS », etc.

Since 1988, he participated in exhibitions of the "New Artists" and worked in the squat "LF / HF."

Since 1995 - the scientific secretary of the New Academy of Fine Arts of Timur Novikov. Along with him in 1996, the exhibition "Nudity and Modernism" started a "war" with the Moscow art, has since become "commonplace" artistic life. With T. Novikov held many exhibitions, events, issued a series of manifestos, art books and created a number of organizations: Fiction Will (1997), Institute of History of Contemporary Art (1999), Museum of Contemporary Art at NAFA (2002). He has participated in more than 200 exhibitions and festivals. As an artist, received grants funds «Pollok-Krasner Foundation» (New York, 1989), «Soros Foundation» (St. Petersburg, 1993), «Philip Morris Kunstforderung» (Berlin, 1996), «Kultur Kontakt» (Vienna, 1998); in 1994 he was a finalist for «Ars Fennica». His works are in the collections of the State. Russian Museum Central Museum of Communications. Popov, Gos. Tretyakov Gallery, Zimmerli Art Museum (USA), Museum of Nonconformist Art, private collections in Russia, France, USA, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.