Anna Nova Art Gallery is the curator og the social art project "Without senses"

Anna Nova Art Gallery is the curator og the social art project "Without senses"

Visual art speaks the language of images and thoughts that is understandable for everybody who is open to accept new ideas. 
The curator of the project ‘Without senses’ is Anna Nova Art Gallery

The world, as we are used to seeing it, is shaped by our five senses of perception – eyesight, hearing, senses of smell, taste and touch. What would happen if we turned off one of them for a while? Most well-known young St.Petersburg artists will try to ‘turn off’ one of the senses and create a unique art object together with disabled people.

Mutual cultural and esthetic integration of the disabled and the professionals of the art world will help to represent the problems of the unprotected social group and give equal opportunities of self-actualization and individual professional development through the collaboration on art objects. 

The most important aims of the project are to create the favourable conditions for creative interaction of different social groups and to show another way of perception - the perception by the people who live and see the world differently.

The creation of each art object was recorded on video so that to show not only the result but the whole complex process of its realization. 

Without Senses is an art space created by artists and interpreted by the viewers. Each element of the exposition is a situation provoked by artist. The viewers get into the action field of the art objects so that becoming a part of them, like in an art performance. Many of the objects are interactive.
The viewer is able to touch the works of art and there is a labyrinth where they should try to ‘turn off’ their usual picture of the world.
Each installation is a special story, and the artists tried to focus on the problems they think to be the most important ones. Each work of art makes us think about the interaction with the world that is so unlike the one we are used to.