Anna Nova Gallery summarizes the results of Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award

Anna Nova Gallery summarizes the results of Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award

The presentation of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award took place in Kuryokhin Center on April 17. Anna Nova Gallery sumps up its own results of this event.

The gallery’s artist Alexander Dashevskiy acted as the presenter at the award ceremony.

The gallery’s artist Nadezhda Anfalova received a special prize from the French Institute for her total installation "Communication", shown at the exhibition "Other Capital" at the Museum of Moscow. The installation is a closed space, in which there are two interacting "characters": words from the diary of a Soviet signaller, projected on the wall, and the window, by the side of which she did these records every day. Every day a signaller recorded four words: good connection and no fire. The artist’s message here is simple: we do not have a connection with that world of irrevocably gone past - and when it burns down, we'll never know.

The gallery’s artists Marya Dmitrieva and Vlad Kulkov entered the long-list of the nomination "The best work of visual art" for their joint project "Zoas Records", which was the result of the artists’ trip to Death Valley in the United States and was presented in the Anna Nova gallery in the summer of 2014.

Also, the performance directed by Gleb Ershov "Seven ways of looking at a miracle", held at the Museum of St. Petersburg avant-garde (House of Matyushin) within the Museum Night 2014, became part of the short-list of the "Grand Prix "Pop Mechanics"" nomination. The project was supported by Anna Nova gallery.

Photos: Vladimir Mihaylutsa.