Anna Nova Gallery" Artist at Special programe exhibitions during 5 Moscow biennale

Anna Nova Gallery" Artist at Special programe exhibitions during 5 Moscow biennale

State Tretyakov Gallery

24 September-30 March 2014

Krymskiy Val, 10

Andrey Kuzkin, Nadezhda Anfalova, Art group SOAP, Ivan Plusch, Vlad Kulkov, Haim Sokol and Rostan Tavasiev

The aim of the project is to trace the history of labour in Soviet and post-Soviet art, from its industrial to its non-material forms, from the 1960s to the 2000s, and show how representations of labour, and the ways in which it is depicted, have changed as new artistic practices have evolved. The exhibition "The Department of Labour and Employment" gives us the opportunity to examine the types of artistic production, and the forms that the artist's employment takes, in contemporary society.

Media Yard

Hitrovskiy per, 2/8

Opening 24 September 16.00

Irina Drozd, Ivan Plusch and Haim Sokol

“Media Yard” is a total outdoor installation in the yard of the Media-communications Faculty of “Higher Economics School”, which transforms this part of the city area into the information field.
The contemporary art will transform an ordinary Moscow yard into esthetic and intellectually rich environment.

Marya Dmitrieva and Vlad Kulkov at the Tetraktis exhibition

Kult Zavod MosChaos

Baumanskaya st, 11

“Tetractys” is a boundless installation wherein a ludic principle is applied to combine an exhibition of contemporary arts with a night-club gathering, educational initiatives with handicraft practices, new technologies with archaic traditions. The exposition is constantly changing, while both artists and viewers are forced to take part in The Game of transformation.