After the last big exhibition 70 000 years of Boris Koshelokhov we published two books about his art way- Chronicle and Two highways edited by Nick Teplov, Anna Pushina, Thomas Campbell concept, design, photography & pre-press by Nick Teplov painting and graphics by Boris Koshelokhov.

Bob Koshelokhov is a unique figure. He is one of the few living artists whose imagination, creative energy, and audacity put him on a scale with the big names of the twentieth-century avant-garde. Koshelokhov became an artist in 1975, and in 1976 a group ‘’Chronicle’’ gathered around him. Back in 1976 the artistic life in Leningrad was rather hard, it had lots of restrictions. He had to stand upon his rights to his profession several times. Once he had to be on hunger strike against imposing a ban on the exhibition didicated to memory of Rukhin. Since that time the histirical measurement has always been present in his works.. ‘’Our freedom had been born much earlier than we were born.’’ Koshelokhov has been painting a general portrait of the world existence where all human beings create their family hearthes, heathen temples and their life.

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