The Educational Program of the 5th Contest of Young Artists

The Educational Program of the 5th Contest of Young Artists

ANNA NOVA Gallery announces a start of the Educational program of the Fifth Contest of Young Artists ‘New projects for ANNA NOVA gallery’. The program consists of dialogues and a round-table meeting with the members of the jury and the Board of Trustees of the Contest.

Dialogues ‘Education and career of young artists’ (28 and 30 May)

In the Dialogues the main representatives of Moscow art community will raise the following questions – what is the role of contemporary art in our world, what can it teach us? How do the artists interact with other disciplines, what do they adopt from other areas of knowledge and what can art give in return? What happens with education of young artists today and whether it is important for their careers?

It’s significant to note that all the speakers of the Dialogues are active members of educational process and lecture in art institutions such as the Rodchenko Art School, Institute of Contemporary Art, ‘Baza’ Institute.

28 May, 7:30 p.m. – Dialogue 1. Vladimir Logutov and Anatoly Osmolovsky.

30 May, 6:30 p.m. - Dialogue 2. Evgenia Kikodze and Sergey Bratkov.

Venue - Anna Nova Gallery.

29 May, 3 p.m. – round-table meeting ‘Art and education’

On results of the Contest, there are discussions and a round-table meeting where all the members of the jury and the Board of Trustees will discuss the problems of education of young artists. Among other matters, there will be raised questions concerning the necessity of a special education for young artist, whether it’s important to have basic knowledge of art to comprehend works of art, and what can institutions do to attract more interested public.

The speakers will also discuss the applications for the Contest and talk about the mistakes young artists make trying to start a career in the art world.

Meeting time and coffee-break – at 14.30

Venue: Cinema Lounge Angleterre

Speakers: Dmitry Ozerkov, Evgenia Kikodze, Katrin Bekker, Olesia Turkina, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Vladimir Logutov.

Moderator – Anastasia Mitushina.

Information about the members of the Educational program:

Vladimir Logutov – artist and curator. Participant of many group exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including the First and the Second Moscow Biennale of contemporary art; two-time nominee of the Kandinsky prize, INNOVATION Prize, the Black Square Prize. Lectures in Institute of Contemporary Art and Pro Arte Institute.

Anatoly Osmolovsky – artist, theorist and curator; one of the prominent representatives of Moscow Actionism . Laureate of the Kandinsky prize for “Project of the Year”. Participant of great many group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The founder of the Institute for young artists ‘Baza’.

Evgenia Kikodze - art critic and curator, lives and works in Moscow; curator of the Museum of Moscow. Lectures in the Rodchenko Moscow school of photography and multimedia, the course “Main strategies in contemporary art’.

Sergey Bratkov — Ukrainian artist and photographer. Participant of the Venice Biennale (2005, 2007), San Paolo (2002), Manifesta (2004) Represented Ukraine in the Venice Biennale in 2007 In 2008 there was a retrospect exhibition in Winterthur Fotomuseum (Switzerland). Participant of the International symposium of contemporary art BIRUCHIY. Won the main INNOVATION Prize for his video installation ‘Balaklavsky courage’ in Regina gallery. Lectures in the Rodchenko Moscow school of photography and multimedia. Dmitry Ozerkov – art critic, curator, the head of the Department of Contemporary Art in the Russian Museum and the director of the ‘Hermitage 20/21’ project.

Kathrin Becker - the head of the VideoForum of Berlin Center of contemporary art n.b.k. (Neuen Berliner Kunstvereins), curator of many projects in contemporary international and Russian art, curator of the Third Biennale of young artists in Moscow.

Olesya Turkina – the leading researcher of the Department of Contemporary Art in the Russian Museum. Curator and critic. A head teacher in Smolny Institute Faculty of liberal arts and sciences and Pro Arte Institute.

Anastasia Mityushina - art historian, art critic, curator. The director of the educational center of Garage Museum.

The entrance for all the Educational program events is free.

Prior registration is required.

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