Summer camp 07/19

Summer camp 07/19

Anna Nova Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by North-7 art group. Featuring painting, graphic, objects and installations Summer camp 07/19 celebrates the group’s 7th anniversary. 

Summer camp 07/19 by North-7 is a group project driven by the artists’ desire for an experiment, exchange of creative methods between all members of the group and friends (the group’s favorite entertainment “art ping-pong”), search for a collective language and mixing styles. This is an attempt to dive into the life of a summer camp, discover the rituals of young generation, sing “Russian Ark” with Monetochka, fall of a skate with the face against the asphalt and draw a taboo sign with a brilliant green on the walls of a gallery in the center of the city. The exhibition will feature post-minimalist acrylic landscapes and ceramic vessels decorated with precious stones, painted totem sculptures, masks of North American Indians and logos of marginal society, artifacts and modern antiquity, healthy lifestyle and a gluten-free diet of aborigens, women’s bodybuilding and plush prison cells of strict regimen, pink dolphin and blue meat, that is, the whole diversity of post-apocalyptic society and the ease of how a modern teenager is sauntering in it.

The gallery will be open during the installation process July 16-24 (1pm-7pm). Visitors are welcome to join the process of the new project creation.

Summer camp 07/19 members: Alexandr Tsikarishvili, Nestor Engelke, Petr Dyakov, Leonid Tskhe, Anna Andrjievskaya, Nestor Kharchenko, Oleg Khmelev, Liza Tsikarishvili, Sasha Zubritskaya, Tanya Chernomordova, Vadim Mikhailov, Ivan Chemakin, Antonina Fatkhullina.

Curated by Stanislav Savitskiy.