"Art behind the Sofa!" in Neuhaus Design Gallery

"Art behind the Sofa!" in Neuhaus Design Gallery

A special exhibition "Art behind the Sofa!" took place in the Gallery of Design and Interior NEUHAUS in 2011. This was a joint project of three leading art galleries of St. Petersburg: Lazarev gallery, Anna Nova Gallery and KGallery, together with Neuhaus Design gallery, an exhibition of contemporary art in a modern interior, an original synthesis of art, space and design.

Participants of the project organically and elegantly entered the works of contemporary and traditional art in the luxurious interiors of the Neuhaus Gallery, to illustrate that the place of art is not only in a museum, but also in everyday life, in a residential interior, on the wall "behind the sofa".

Anna Nova gallery has provided the works of famous artists for this project: Petr Shvetsov, Alexander Dashevskiy, Oleg Maslov, Bob Koshelokhov, Elena Figurina, Vladimir Dukhovlinov, Maria Dmitrieva, Miglė Kosinskayte (Lithuania), Natalia Krajewskaya, Sophie Petipa (France), WUZE ( France).

The exhibition was held from February 19 to March 26 in Neuhaus Gallery in St. Petersburg.

On the photo: Boris Koshelokhov. № 28. Oil on canvas, 140х120 sm, 2010.

Art: Anna Nova Art Gallery.