Collectors' lounge 1. Future / Group exhibition

Aljoscha , Alexander Dashevskiy, Vlad Kulkov, Denis Patrakeev, Igor Shuklin, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Maria Agureeva, Ustina Yakovleva

Collectors' lounge 1. Future

08 Aug - 01 Sep 2018

An exhibition of selected works, showing the artists view of our future, opened on the third floor of the Anna Nova Gallery in the Collectors' Lounge space.


This project invites the viewer to reveal the secret of a futuristic reality where you can see the impending apocalypse by Alexander Dashevskiy, organic romanticism by modern alchemist Denis Patrakeev, universal chaos by Vlad Kulkov, shamanic objects from the age of the digital revolution by Ilya Fedotov - Fedorov and the theme of Earth overpopulation in the work by Dmitry Kavargi. At the exhibition you can also get to know with some works of young artists from Moscow: Ustina Yakovleva, Maria Agureyeva, Alisa Kern, as well as with an artist from Germany - Björn Schülke.


The works of the German media artist Björn Schülke, whose style combines abstract aesthetics and exact sciences, are presented in the Anna Nova Gallery for the first time. One of his objects, Supersonic # 6, looks like a retro-futuristic satellite, and it makes sounds when the viewer is near it. In essence, the object is a Theremin - one of the first electric musical instruments, named after its inventor, the Soviet scientist Lev Theremin, who patented the device in 1928. Another object, Vision Machine # 8, consists of three mirrors, two video cameras and one screen, fastened with several rods. In the presence of people, mirrors begin to rotate chaotically, and the screen reproduces double images. With its irrational movements, Vision Machine # 8 resembles the mechanical sculptures of the famous Dadaist Jean Tingley, whose absurdist fountains adorn the squares of Paris and Basel.