Mustard seed / Denis Patrakeev

Denis Patrakeev

Mustard seed

30 Oct - 12 Dec 2014

Any art exhibition is meant to have an author and authorship, however, there is a possibility for dualism and branching, which could be very misleading. The wonderland of the creative mind. The symbiosis of quantum dualism and ancient mysticism. Here one can notice the trace of an artist, but he is not the main creator. The creator is the one who lives inside him, the one each of us has probably come in to contact with.

Who are we when the superstructure of the intellect reveals the original darkness? How far can we go in search of the origin? Deconstructing himself, the author everts his own egocentrism, revealing an antibody.

Like a callous of a hermit stripping the skin off, flesh is uncovered, reason forcing itself through monochrome celestial spheres uncovers its chthonic essence.

The chthonic archaic darkness here is actually the point from where everything began and where it is bound to return.

There is a map of the sacral path – from the murder of one’s ego to its return through a leap into the lightest darkness. In the austerity of colours, the darkness – eternal nothingness – is spared negative connotations. A seed, like a formula, is a shining mandorla of orthodox iconography and it leads to the essence of everything. Traveling in a labyrinth, the antibody searches for new methods of interaction with eternity, creating new instruments of cognition and liberation. Liberation is the result of the impossibility not to create.

The author opens the diaries of his meditations, summarizing his many years of explorative experience. The interlacing of mystical practices, sacral formulae, darkening mandalas and mandorlas translate the idea of the essence of everything – the concepts of the spirit and the Creator, the multi-dimensionality of world and personality. The eternal dualism of the inner and material is identical to the dualism of the spiritual and humane; the liberation from one’s own subjectivity is a difficult ascent to the top of the mountain, where one comes to know the meaning of everything.

Egor Mogilevski

Denis Patrakeev (born in 1987, lives and works in St. Petersburg) The author of conceptual projects, in which he focuses on topics of Eastern philosophy. A participant of many group exhibitions in Russia and abroad, his works have been exhibited in Russia, London, France and Istanbul; including Erarta museum in St.Petersburg and the parallel program of the first Indian biennale of contemporary art.

Anna Nova gallery presents Denis Patrakeev’s second personal exhibition. The project is a result of two years of creation and is a total installation, which includes graphics, video, objects and documentation from the artist's research when trying to investigate his role as an artist and a creator. There is also a costume which reproduces the artist’s body – a fabric cocoon, an antibody. In his ‘second skin’ the artist practiced some meditative acts, which he documented on video and are shown in special boxes.