A drop of Creacin / Rostan Tavasiev

Rostan Tavasiev

A drop of Creacin

03 Mar - 22 Apr 2017

Anna Nova gallery presents the project of Rostan Tavasiev. "A drop of creacine" is the first fantastic series about art in the distant future. In eight episodes the viewer will learn about the incredible adventures of an unknown Artist: his heroic death in the asteroid Kuiper belt, his solemn resurrection in the planet Malgaut's atmosphere, his job as a rector of the Academy of fine arts in the system of Ka, and about the mysterious events at the intergalactic fair "Infinity".

In the halls of the gallery there is the universe of "A drop of creacine" series. Graphic sketches of the characters, hand-drawn images from the filmstrip, picturesque sketches of other planets, where the first season takes place. There also will be shown eight large canvases, each displaying the events of one of the episodes of the series. Thus, the whole exhibition becomes a kind of a teaser for "A drop of creacine". The first filmstrip series will appear immediately after the closing of the exhibition.

In the middle of the 21st century the humanity passed the burden of creation and research to artificial intelligence. For power saving reasons artificial intelligence built new images, senses and ideas combining the existing ones. Step by step, biologicals lost their creative capacity. At some point combination opportunities ran out of steam. This creativity crisis turned out to be one of the worst stages in the history of mankind. There was a nasty pause in the rapid development of both art and technology.

In search of a way out from the immediate situation artificial intelligence with a creative module was integrated into a work of art. The experiment was miraculously successful. As soon as the work of art became conscious of itself, it instantly got into creation and became an independent artist. That was how creacin was synthetically produced for the first time, when imagination and reality interacted in the bio-quantum brain of the artificial artist.

Creacin turned out to be the most powerful booster for both quantum neuromechanims and biologics. Driven by creacin, the civilization recommenced its rapid development. Creacin turned out to be the most important substance in the Universe. It became the pivot of space economy and a universal means of exchange between universes. It enabled traveling any distances at the velocity of imagination. Politicians used creacin to manipulate mass consciousness, and the military used it as the most powerful weapon. Creacin also turned out to be an advanced addicting drug.

Art exhibitions became main sources of creacin. Many works of art became independent artists. They started to realize their creative potential producing art objects with different level of creacin capacity. When visitors watched and appreciated a piece of art, their brains produced their own creacin, whereas pieces of art were treated in vitro to obtain secondary creacin.

Production, sales and collection of art objects became extremely profitable yet dangerous. The Series ‘A Drop of Creacin’ tells about this adventure packed art world of the distant future. 

Rostan Tavasiev (born in 1976, Moscow) is known for his work with soft toys. He invented his own method of painting, which he called "Begemotopis". The participant of many exhibitions in Russia and abroad, nominated for the prestigious award for contemporary art "Innovation". The works of Rostan Tavasiev are in many Museums collections, including the collection of the State Tretyakov gallery(Moscow), Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow), The National Centre of Contemporary Art and many private collections in Russia and abroad.