Lotophagie / Lotus-eaters / Aljoscha


Lotophagie / Lotus-eaters

01 Jul - 03 Sep 2016

In July  Anna Nova gallery presents an experimental project of the German sculptore of Ukrainian - Aljoscha Aljoscha is known for having developed a new direction of "bioizm" or "biofuturizm". All his works are based on the creation of art that expresses the visual possibilities of synthetic biology and, since recently, bioethical abolitionism. In the future, the author believes that artists like biologists will work with live substances and create new forms of life.

The name of the project, which the artist prepares for St. Petersburg, comes from ancient Greek "lotus-eaters" - eating the lotus; in Greek mythology the people inhabiting Libya / Tunisia, where the sweet fruit called lotus grew. It was believed that people who tasted it acquired happiness and forgot the past. In his works, Aljoscha raises philosophical and religious questions. He argues that art and life are linked by eternity, as well as the inevitable deliverance from suffering. He questions the distinction between living and not living, thinks how to create new aesthetic forms in our age. Finally, the artist asks whether and how much a person is alike God? And he gives an affirmative answer, but only the person who consciously creates and builds something new - such a person has satisfied his curiosity, overcame fear and found the key to happiness.

The art appears here as a modern form of knowledge, a reflection of the world, which takes us back to the art of the Renaissance, when artists were among the first experimentators of scientific art. According to the artist, it is not necessary to forget the past in order to step into the future. "Drawing is the perfect image of the idea, that arose in the mind and then expressed and clarified by the line or another visual way." The work of the German sculptor is an attempt to find common ground between science, art and ethics.

In today's world art often refers to natural forms and materials as sources of inspiration. There is a Western tradition of biomorfizm, which is still one of the most popular and growing directions of contemporary art. This kind of art seeks to embody the ideas of classical art: combining intellectual and emotional implementation of an individual outlook.

Unlike his colleagues, who create art directly from natural live materials, Aljoscha creates natural forms mostly out of what is closest to any artist - he builds the sculptural forms from paint, by putting it in micro doses to the objects, as if growing them.

In Anna Nova gallery Aljoscha will show some sculptural and graphic works, that were specially imported from Germany, as well as a large-scale installation for the second-floor of the gallery.

At the opening on July 1 viewers will be offered lotus.

Aljosha (b. 1974 in Gluhov, Ukraine. Lives and works in Düsseldorf). Educated at the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts (Conrad Klapeka class) and the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg (Shirin Neshat class). In 2008 he won the first prize in the category of sculpture «XXXV Premio Bancaja» (Valencia, Spain), in 2009 - Schlosspark Award (Cologne, Germany). He participated in many personal and group exhibitions in Germany, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria and other countries. St.Petersburg public had the opportunity to see the works of the sculptor in 2014 at the exhibition "Bioizm" in Erarta museum.