It’s possible to imagine what will remain after / Maria Agureeva

Maria Agureeva

It’s possible to imagine what will remain after

28 Apr - 02 Jun 2018

Judging yourself and judging the people around you, striving to meet the standards and making the others conform to them is not so much the feature of the times we live in as the property of the mind. However, with every passing decade, balancing between self acceptance and filling the need of following rather conditional and flexible canons of beauty get more and more challenging, and every person has to deal with that in his or her own way.

The exhibition of Maria Agureeva in Anna Nova unites several formats at once – video, performance, sculpture, dramatics, and documentary. Through a masterful combination of different genres, the artist has created a recognizable artistic language, both spectacular and inconspicuously provocative, making the audience focus on the material, sensual nature of art, that is at the same time alchemically insubstantial.

The latex and plastic objects from Ms. Agureeva’s iconic series, In the Folds of Your Body, will be presented together with the five-channel video-installation, The Dust. The spectators can watch a film featuring the artist herself, making a mould of her knee and casting it pink plastic, and then grinding it up. This elimination of shortcomings ends up with the object reduced to dust, which is just the case when we try to abandon our physical imperfection in favor of some ideal beyond our reach.

Anna Arutyunyan, Andrey Egorov