Voice Cooling Tests / Alice Kern

Alice Kern

Voice Cooling Tests

08 Dec - 27 Jan 2018

Anna Nova Gallery presents the exhibition of Alice Kern, winner of the 6th Contest for Young Artists "New Projects for Anna Nova".

The contest judges, in particular, Dmitry Ozerkov, head of the Hermitage Contemporary Art section, Valentin Dyakonov, curator of Garage Museum, and Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, curator of the 14th Istanbul biennale, declared her project ‘Voice Cooling Tests’ the most revolutionary one.

"Voice Cooling Tests" is an artistic research project. At the exhibition visitors will get an insight into the results of the research of voice functioning in different situations. Several devices will be presented – the Exerciser-activator, the Voicecooler, the Deformating-box. They will be extracting the voice from the body and cool it. The voice cooling can be understood in different ways – for instance, as the process of critical distances creation. At the exhibition, one will be able to witness cooling of several sound types, like directions, singing, crowd buzzing, and see voice burns on safety panels, which are supposed to demonstrate the power of the heated voice.
The exhibition space will be transformed according to needs of viewer’s attention-control. In turn, the sound at the exhibition is going to act as an independent subtance, constructing imaginary spaces. Moreover, the visitors will be offered take-away instructions on how to make their own devices for voice cooling.

Curator: Alexandra Shestakova

Alice Kern (born in 1988) is an artist from Moscow. She works in the genres of sculpture, performance, and installation. The artist typically creates “gadgets for the invisible”, and to a certain extent, her objects are pragmatic, as they are devices for construction of cognitive models. Alice Kern graduated the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), where she had studied in 2014-2016, and she participated in the exchange program of the Goldsmiths University of London, and she also attended Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Art in 2016;

Alexandra Shestakova (born in 1993) is an art critic and curator from Moscow. Her texts have been published on Colta.ru and aoundart.org, as well as in Moscow Art Magazine and the Kommersant Newspaper, as well as in other media and exhibition catalogues. Alexandra also participated in the work group of project “Open Systems. Experience of Artistic Self-Organization. 2000 – 2015”, initiated by Garage Museum of contemporary art

Contest "New Projects for Anna Nova" – This year, the subject of the competition was “(R)Evolution”, which implied not only the political revolution, but also the revolution in arts and minds. The contest jury included Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, curator and director of the Modern Arts Museum in Turin; Valentin Dyakonov, curator of Garage Museum; Joanna De Vos, curator; Vladimir Logutov, art director of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin’s Foundation; Olesya Turkina, curator of the Innovative Trends section of the Russian Museum; Dmitry Ozerkov, head of the Hermitage Contemporary Art section; and Yekaterina Chuchalina, programming director of V-A-C Foundation.