Panspermia / Aljoscha



14 Jun - 31 Aug 2018

Anna Nova Gallery presents the new project by Aljoscha, a German artist. The name of the project suggests some universal questions. How did life start on Earth? Was it absolute abiogenesis? Or did we and every carbon-based life form we know originate from the collision of some external organic molecules? What is the place of the particular regarding the process of elemental forms’ variation within the universal flow of biological species? Knowing that extremophiles exist, can we assume there is life not on the rock, but inside it, which is to say, are there life forms that we are not aware of?

“Panspermia is an interesting hypothesis proposing that life on Earth didn’t begin because of evolution, but was brought here by meteorites from space. I mean, every day hundreds and even thousands of microorganisms from all over the universe and other galaxies fall down on Earth’s surface. I believe this theory of the origin of life on Earth being brought from space is rather admissible, and I am studying it now,” – comments the artist on the project.

According to Anaxagoras, a Greek philosopher, mathematician and astronomer, the world holds an endless number of infinitesimally small fragments, which he called ‘semen’ or ‘homoeomeries.’ While over 2,5 thousand years have passed since this hypothesis appeared, today it is still of vital interest with reference to exobiological and xenobiological surveys. Aljoscha’s exhibition is focused on their influence on the visual aspect, and, by the way, the artist indirectly touches on the issue of human happiness, which is a sine qua non of his every presentation. ‘Bioism,’ which Aljoscha develops, being at the boundary of art and biology, is based on the concept of bioethical abolitionism, i. e., people’s conscious liberation from suffering and achieving universal happiness.

Aljoscha has invited other artists to participate in the exhibition. Their works are presented in the pop-up Stardust project, demonstrating the development of the ‘bioism’ concept and it bringing together the artists from across the globe, sharing the ideas and aesthetics of this movement, or being professionally interested in it. The exposition presents objects and graphics of the following artists: Dmitry Kawarga, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Ustina Yakovleva, Angelika Arendt, Christiane Löhr, Gil & Moti, Lawrence Weiner, Mischa Kuball, Reiner Maria Matysik, Römer + Römer, Simon Vega, and Wolf Hamm.