Transitions 0.10 / Igor Shuklin

Igor Shuklin

Transitions 0.10

27 Feb - 28 Mar 2015

Anna Nova Gallery presents a personal exhibition of a young artist Igor Shuklin ‘Transitions 0.10’ . This project expresses the artist’s thoughts about the continuation of Russian avant gard’s traditions and reconsiders the idea of exhibitional space in whole.

“It’s very important that this exhibition is a polymedial stream of works. All the object array of the installation states the antagonism between media forms; thus destroying the illusion of their synthetic unity (gesamtkunstwerk). The contradiction of media forms, which is ridiculous and absurd, coexists on the level of formal and image-bearing transitions.

The central image of the exhibitional space is the recollection of ‘big’ styles of avant gard art and the idea of an exhibition itself as a historical event. In the author’s opinion it’s not about restoration but rather about experiencing an avand gart gesture and experiment in a present situation, using the polyphony of available approaches. Therefore, the exhibition is a transmission of an experimental search, where one can observe the walls of the artist’s studio, where before their very eyes the new ideas are springing up and are being realized continuously.

The exhibition environment tries to become a generalized image of ‘Russian futurism’ spatial experiences, which is quite aggressive towards common, institutional displays of our day. The installation’s structure sometimes delicately parodies the ordinary exhibition space design. In the gallery there is a white cube – a canon of sterility, which is broken from the inside. Three sections (peace futurism/ kubo/ war 0,10) are sarcastically installed in the gallery, vaguely resembling the logic and structure of ‘curator’s exhibitions’”.

Igor Shuklin

The exhibition opens on February 27, 2015 at 7 p.m.