Razzle Dazzle / What am I still waiting for / Stas Bags

Stas Bags

Razzle Dazzle / What am I still waiting for

23 Dec - 18 Feb 2017

The question posed in the title is thought-provoking for both the artist and the audience. Interacting with the works of art, you enter the world of your own thoughts and associations, trying to find the answer. Stas Bags was inspired for Razzle Dazzle project by an artist collective Videokaffe. Members of this art group conceptualize bright rhythmic pattern recently, spreading its influence around the world. The main themes of the exhibition are time, the question of futur and present, the internal dialogue with yourself, your own camouflage and imitation of others. Stas Bags creates designs of the opposites, which are impossible without each other: life - death, black - white, warm - cold, and so on. He puts together incongruous objects, such as body parts and household items, raising the question of human nature: "Have you done everything to make the future what you would like it be? Are you confined into a cage of your fears and concerns? Perhaps it's time to take a chance and leave this cage? "

"In the same degree in which a man projects himself and his body in the world around him, the world is projected in the man himself. Nevertheless, the human body is a metaphor of the world as a specific and peculiar principle of interaction connecting the most diverse part in a whole; that can be identified as the "world".
Stas Bags

The exhibition consists of two parts: large canvas paintings, almost sterile, abstract, which interact with warm silicone sculptures, and on the second floor of the gallery there is a kinetic installation, made from metal rods.

The artist thanks Videokaffe group for inspiration, in particular Sebastian Ziegler for supporting the work on exhibition and Olli Suorlahti for his invention.

Stas Bags (born in 1984, in Leningrad) graduated in anatomy and human physiology, did the course for young artists in the ProArte Fund. His long-term professional occupation in graffiti has led him into the world of contemporary art. He took part in many group and solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad; participated in the parallel program of the Manifesta 10 Biennale (Arena Cadet Corps, St. Petersburg), the exhibition "Hurrah, sculpture!" (Winzavod, Moscow), Street art museum ( St. Petersburg), as well as exhibitions in Finland, Germany and The Great Britain.
Stas Bags' works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum; the State Museum of VV Mayakovsky, Moscow; Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia; LS Collection in the Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Chapin Library, Williamstown, Massachusetts, the USA; The Art Library, Princeton University.