Quiet Games / Irina Drozd

Irina Drozd

Quiet Games

27 Feb - 30 Mar 2019

One of the most outstanding and unique figures of the new generation of artists from St.Petersburg, Drozd synthesises the realms of childhood and the imagination as well as a basic element of our sustenance: eating. “In my works, I often use the symbol of red food as the symbol of beauty, life, blood and victims at the same time. (...) the red food on the table is not only the food but the images of creatures which sacrifice themselves for us,” she points out with reference to the symbolic relationship to food, which modern humans seldom experience today, if at all they reckon with this dimension.

With her designs Irina Drozd invites us to perform dual time travel: first, back into our childhood, when we still experienced certain moments in their totality, and second, to a former state of cultural existence which is not “unenchanted” yet. “The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me,” writes Pascal with reference to the hopeless insignificance and solitude of the rational human being who looks out into the cosmic dimensions. If, however, we heed the call of the realm of imagination opening up in these works, we may trade our internal monologue for a more wholesome dialogue and reach a universe which is not only wonderful to observe and retreat to, but can also provide us with the hope of living our everyday life according to the “arguments of the heart”, too, in addition to the “arguments of reason”.

Sometimes, Irina’s pictures, as Konya notes, are intentionally schematic. Except for figures, there is a minimum of objects or spatial elements in them. Due to this, the viewer unwittingly focuses on the atmosphere and on the magical sensation of the meeting created in her works. Small-sized sculptures, which do not violate the minimalist landscape of paintings, create the same attitude. Small creatures depicted with documentary hyper-realistic precision lie in the middle of a plate, tray or dish, forming an unusual surrealistic still life. Through the images created by the author, living beings turning into frozen delicacies in the world of adult conformists lead an active dialogue. This is all that remains of our unfulfilled hopes.


Абель Конья / художник, куратор