Three Exhibitions / Jury Alexandrov

Jury Alexandrov

Three Exhibitions

31 Mar - 16 Apr 2016

Three  Exhibitions" is the title of a new exhibition of the participants of the Leningrad School - Jury Alexandrov, Konstantin Molokh and Ivan Goldenshlyuger. Each of the three exhibitions that make up the exhibition "Three Exhibitions," has its own name. Exhibition of Jury Alexandrov is called "Untitled": the paintings, comprising the exhibition do not have names, since these names are themselves. The abbreviation "XXX" in the title of the exhibition of K. Moloch, by contrast, refers not to the popular designation of pornography, but to the word "hackwork", multiplied by three, referring to the number of exhibitions. Finally, the most honest is the title of the exhibition of I. Goldenshlyuger, "Class B Waste", as the thirty-three drawings, comprising the exposition, are made of colored paper waste.

A curator of the exhibition Jury Alexandrov says that a viewer can feel and understand connection and separation of three sources and three components of the Leningrad School phenomenon during going from the exhibition to the exhibition. Jury Alexandrov is a painter, graphic artist and curator. Most of the artist's works unpredictably combine Far North traditions and the culture of comix, absurd art and current themes. Artist's works often are presented in Russian and foreign galleries among these are Viena Art Fair in Austria, Art13 in London, the Russian museum and the Manege. Works are in the collection of the Russian museum and a lot of Russian and foreign private collections.The exhibition will be open till the 16th of April.