ZOAS records / Group exhibition

Vlad Kulkov, Marya Dmitrieva

ZOAS records

20 Jun - 10 Sep 2014

In the new joint exposition the artists used a specific representation of relative organizational form which collects records of different kind under a label called ZOAS. The making of a peculiar perceptual tetramorph by means of coexisting of a video-diary, a musical novel, poetical texts and plastic arts provides the space with synergic-like area. The mechanics and architecture of this coexistence that build the virtual corporation is also quite peculiar. 
By “virtual” here we mean that the situatuation is considered beyond the contextual/discursive presence of the semantic mechanism. In other words “organization” means not the corporate unity of information producers but the work of information itself put in particular cells, particular skeleton. This skeleton however doesn’t have a structural or supporting function as the contextual request for the produced senses regulation is missing.
The structure of this mechanism is not a construction of a thinking machine as there’s no involvement into the production discourse, into sense production. It’s rather a poetical mechanism where the working elements are defined by the logic of linguistic processes. Therefore there settles a some kind of a power nest that doesn’t need to be fulfilled all the time. This nest exists according to the principle of commutation absence with a branchy system of established intercultural connotations. The desire of moving towards the marks of actualization has a different origin than the longing to ratio or to the unconscious. This is a sort of others’ dreams watching process or the dream in a dream vision.