Another dimension / Irina Drozd

Irina Drozd

Another dimension

15 Dec - 16 Jan 2012

There is something new in the familiar views of winter Petersburg, something that is difficult to explain. Here and there one may catch a glimpse of something mysterious and unknown. Quite simple outwardly, Irina Drozd’s landscapes evoke an atmosphere of unexpected gravity; the solemn and majestically deserted city suddenly creates unknown crystal lattices. They grow by their own inner logic along the uneven walls. They are shining, fascinating and threatening.

Unlike the common views from the postcards, Irina Drozd seeks to express another dimension of Petersburg - an ideal, timeless and supernatural one. Crystallized Petersburg looks differently out of time and space, without people and emotions, soaring slowly in the empty space. Its dynamics and original structure are divinely beautiful crystalline constructions and only artists, poets and musicians can see them.

‘At the salt mines of Salzburg, they throw a leafless wintry bough into one of the abandoned workings. Two or three months later they haul it out covered with a shining deposit of crystals. The smallest twig, no bigger than a tom-tit’s claw, is studded with a galaxy of scintillating diamonds. The original branch is no longer recognizable.’ Describing this amazing event, under crystallization Stendhal means a special intellectual activity that keeps discovering new angles of love. In his ‘On love’ treatise, he interprets love as a human nature phenomenon, existing out of time and space, as a way to escape the visible and enter the divine.

From this perspective Irina Drozd’s new series of paintings turns out to be unexpectedly serious. Unearthly visions, discovered near the Saint Petersburg’s monuments, crystallize the very essence of her paintings, engulfing both the artist’s and viewers’ feelings. Having entered another dimension, the artist tries to stay there as long as she can, get totally involved and finally come to comprehend herself and her ability to think and create. The project is a symbol of crystallization, an unknown mechanism that continues growing magical crystals on the floor, the walls and the ceiling. This new dimension aspires to be a paradise, the tree of life, not just a broken branch; it wants to crystallize out an ideal meaning of love and life, with a few touches of brush and sprays of paint.

Dmitriy Ozerkov