Attack into ornaments / Viktor Kuznetsov

Viktor Kuznetsov

Attack into ornaments

15 May - 13 Jun 2009

At the exhibition of famous Saint-Petersburg painter Victor Kuznetsov (Gipper Pupper) we collide with the subject absurdity arising on a joint of two picturesque cycles, two independent motives: military pilots and ornaments. Among briskly pottering “sets” of extravagant hieroglyphs of GP, where phallic and vaginal symbols are easily distinguished how in colors of Georgia O’Keeffe or  Keith Herring’s graffiti , are easily distinguished фаллические and вагинальные symbols.

Big-nosed pilots, whose physiognomies remind comedy doll characters of turkish theatre, with a grin “from overloads” are guided in chaos looking at a birch or at any sets of microbiological costume jewellery.

Andrey Hlobistin