Chain of connections / Natalia Kraevskaya

Natalia Kraevskaya

Chain of connections

21 May - 12 Jun 2010

Natalia Kraevskaja knowingly named her new project "Chain of connections". Unlike her previous exhibitions, a material for it served things of our time- pop idols like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, modern Chinese hand-made articles from plastic and cheap pastes, media images from fashion magazines- in "the Chain of conections" she takes up a role of the historian, the archeologist of a kitch. In her works symbols of a mass aesthetics of Soviet period, Shishkin's bears, Vasnetsov's Alyonushka, Yesenin with a pipe, an old washing board and stamping "pissing boy" as the tablet on a door of toilet - adjoin to the modern analogues.  For Natalia Kraevskaya is possible to trace communication of very different and irreconcilable epoch. It was replaced everything: the political system and ideology, but here the pictures, enjoying national love, let also have changed the heroes, but as a matter of fact perfectly keep within a uniform aesthetics. The kitties, smiling babies and beauties in bikini have appeared are much more invincible, than big narrative stories. Interrelation among themselves, for example, clean-shaven apollonov-models from magazine "we Knit"( old soviet period time) and present sex symbols from D&G - rather interesting subject of historical research which undertakes Kraevskaya in her works. Kraevskaya would be simply scientific researcher if in her works the frank love to the material did not appear. She has a unique taste to kitch,  and this relation is expressed in the brightest image in her works, and she is capable to infect with this relation even the most highly intellectual snobs. In it uniqueness and value of Natalia Kraevskaya as artist and the researcher of a mass aesthetics.

Анна Матвеева