Criticizing Eternity / Oleg Oskolkov

Oleg Oskolkov

Criticizing Eternity

27 Oct - 24 Nov 2006

The project of Oleg Oskolkov ‘’Criticizing Eternity’’ won the contest  at the gallery ‘’Anna Nova’’. The contest was called ‘’Petersburg in Leningrad / Leningrad in Petersburg’’, it was dedicated  to the 15th anniversary, the 3 rd in XX century of the city renaming. Nine works were presented at the exhibition. They were made in the technique pattern printing on paper in acrylic paint – spray. These are landscapes of the tip and preport area of Vasilievsky Island, English embankment and the habour of the Baltic plant. Video is a part of the project. The landscapes created by Oleg Oskolkov present a touching view. The things that were seen many and many times turn out to be unknown. In the famous landscapes by Dobuzhinsky, Ostroumova or Ermolaeva one could always recognize a definite time, that was Petersburg of the Silver Age or Leningrad of Kirov – Stalin period. Surprising but Oskolkov makes all the art periods homogeneous. His landscapes like cool documents certify amalgamation of all historical periods with general fate. (Ekaterina Andreyeva, a curator of the exhibition)

Ekaterina Andreeva