Defects (with Dmitri Stepanov) / Group exhibition

Daria Bujun, Dmitriy Stepanov

Defects (with Dmitri Stepanov)

20 Mar - 11 Apr 2009

Audiovisual installation “Defects” of Darya Buyun and Dmitry Stepanov tells about, how mass media- radio, newspapers, a newsreel, TV- Influence public consciousness. Manipulations with collective reason and unconscious stably involve the artists with a conceptually-critical orientation, exposing censorship. Buyun and Stepanov in this respect do unexpected choice : they don’t interested in political interdictions or information substitutions, and a mass mullions-strong wishing matter. “Defects” here  it is not infringements of information streams, it is changes in “Wishing machines”, which conduct to formation of mass psychoses, phobias, and strongly deformed samples of attitude which, in turn, model a reality.

Ekaterina Andreeva