Diebenkorn in Pulkovo / Alexander Dashevskiy

Alexander Dashevskiy

Diebenkorn in Pulkovo

25 Jan - 16 Feb 2008

Alexander Dashevsky has favourite artist - american Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993). In the beginning 1950s Dibenkorn, by this time already had time to visit on the Second world  War and to learn in Berkeley, has arrived to New Mexico. There he was amazed with deserted landscapes of southern surburbs of USA, and, incorporating these strange terrestrial reliefs, Diebenkorn creates his abstract plastic. And he has landscapes  like  aerophotographings – and half the abstract painting made, at first sight, very plainly but, if to get accustomed, is deep – owing to painting colours.

Dashevsky with Diebenkorn sight opens to us the Petersburg landscape Pulkovo's hills. With the reproduction of «Dumbs» he wandered on Pulkovo's hills, recollecting as well  his favourite Diebenkorn's composition "View of City № 1". His  pictures — ommage to abstract painting, and a site of the local ground which has been chosen for dialogue with space, and then has naturally become the powerful airport. Dashevsky paints green fields between the Observatory's hill and the Pulkovo 2, one of the most perfect monuments of the Soviet architecture. In each of his pictures lyrical intensity of emotions vibrates, a plane of a canvas is shined by color like the sun with limiting brightness and freshness of impression. As if we would see this habitual landscape as never: in the first and last time.

Ekaterina Andreeva