Everything, that around us / Oleg Zaika

Oleg Zaika

Everything, that around us

28 Nov - 20 Dec 2008

As the artist Oleg Zaika did not change to itself ever since the time, when the Leningrad art on behalf of "New artists", heroes of movie "Assa", was the first in the country. With group "New Wilds one" which consisted of Zaika, Oleg Maslov and Alexey Kozin and was the radical organization of young artists, Zaika participated in legendary exhibitions of 1986-1989: in 17-th youth in Moscow, in prime-ministers "Assa" in Leningrad and Moscow, in historical display "From non-oficial art to perestroyka" in Lenexpo hall. He wasn't thirty years old, and his pictures already hung in Russian museum, reproductions from his works were printed by the most important Soviet professional magazine "Art". In 1990 and 2000, being engaged in animation and computer design, Zaika did not leave also painting because this way of communication with a surrounding life is for him not only professional, but also - human important.

Oleg Zajka's painting always was and continues to be about everything, that around us. In poor and hungry 1980s he wrote "portraits" of such articles of prime necessity, as a toilet paper, or condenced milk' can, or the most democratic Soviet snack - the tinned salad from sea kale; in 1990, during a computerization of all country, there are "Three comrades" - the cords fitfully thrust in a tee. In parallel birth and growth of the child two new series are formed: "Gymnastics for pregnant" and "Toys-robots".

Ekaterina Andreeva