it's complicated / Rostan Tavasiev

Rostan Tavasiev

it's complicated

14 Mar - 30 Apr 2013

Anna Nova Art Gallery presents the personal project by artist from Moscow Rostan Tavasiev in Saint-Petersburg. «It's complicated» — it isn't just a new project by artist, but also a social experiment about introduction of art into virtual reality. Love to creation of characters, cues, theatricality, relation to art like to the game, typical for Rostan Tavasiev and make him similar with Russian conceptualism. Rostan like his precursors, loves to hide in hisown work, let the audience go wrong way, add to expression some ambivalence. Rostan's material is full with semantis and emotions. Bright synthetic animals smartly satisfy thirst sight. Apperance of toys in exhibition space is convincing enough for psyhologic motivation of this gesture. Elusive aroma of critic of consumer society also exists. These ways efficiently take away from pithy part of art and it seems to suit to Rostan. «I would like to be not the artist of these works but the audience and see how somebody continues to create it — and I could see it from the outside, like a stranger. But I have to do everything by myself» — artist speaks. Response, involving of the audience into trusting dialogue, creation of intresting playing situation are very important for Rostan.

Alexander Dashevskiy