Living and Dead / Petr Shvetsov

Petr Shvetsov

Living and Dead

05 Oct - 03 Nov 2007

Petr Shwetsov – an artist who constantly collaborates with the gallery starting with the project ‘’The Head of the Architect’’ (2005). At the exhibition two of his latest works are represented: a fountain with a video, painting and glass-cases with living crickets. A lot of people have remembered it since the installation ‘’Living and Dead’’ constructed by the artist on the stand of the gallery at the fair ‘’Art Moscow – 2007’’. It is shown in the second hall of the gallery. In the first hall one can see a huge picture ‘’Night Watch’’, where Piotr Shwetsov combines Rembrandt with zoological museum.

"Picturesque reflection of animals, snakes and birds presented by the artist  with expression and passion surround you right at once you find yourself in the area of taxidermic surrealism. The central part of this installation is a pure white fountain, tiled, here and there ‘’encrusted’’ with paintings of black and white creatures, they seem to come from an immense natural beastiary. They are nice and look like toys. Surgical sterility of an unstained object works in contrast with painting and the rest – anyway it’s only an overture to a video line that can raise a degree of fear mixed with disgust of an extremely emotional viewer. What made the artist use this concentrated, aggressive and naturalistic influence in his works? Obviously, he wanted to breathe  a new life into art with passion and rage, that will be able to bring us round, break into a boring screen glamour and bring back strong feelings and emotional experience’’

Gleb Yershov

Petr Shwetsov is one of the most remarkable and active artists of his generation. He was born in Leningrad in 1970. He finished the Secondary art School at the Art Academy. He has become a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1992. He is famous as a master of lithography – his graphic series ‘’Improper Pictures’’ (since 1999), ‘’Fights without Rules’’ (2000), ‘’Abstract’’ (2001), ‘’Airplanes’’ (2002). Lately Piotr Shwetsov has worked in the genre of installation and video-art – ‘’Shadow Space’. His works were exhibited in the Youth Centre of the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg (2004); Columbarium Institute PROARTE and the museum of Geological Research named after Chernushov, St. Petersburg (2004); ‘’Tsusima’’, the State Museum of the History of the City, Peter and Paul’s Fortress, St. Petersburg (2006); ‘’The Fence’’, Anna Nova gallery, Navicula Artis, St. Petersburg (2007); ‘’My Grandma Was Right’’ a festival ‘’KIC NordArt’’, Budelsdorf, Germany (2007). Petr Shwetsov’s works can be found in the museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.