Nine Burning Cars (Neuf Voitures Brulantes) / Art group Pprofessors

Art group Pprofessors

Nine Burning Cars (Neuf Voitures Brulantes)

23 Feb - 17 Mar 2007

Masha Zaborovskaya and Andrey Lyublinsky’s project ‘’Nine Burning Cars’’ was thought out and made on the joint point of modern art and design. The well-known events that took place in France a year and a half ago was an impetus to creativity. The dwellers of the Arabic blocks in Paris and other cities plunge a well-off country into fear and trembling. The country was at the edge of the civil war. One of the most effective actions to influence on soothing bourgeois conscience were explosions and arsons of cars.

Bright fire appeared on the TV screens all around the world. Rage and anger of those who protested fell on a car, for an automobile is a common fetish of the society of customers, it became a target to the people of the third world, the people that present a real revolutionary power. Delicate and minimum outline of the cubic models with combs of flame is a shocking form. It turns a catastrophe, a tragic event into a souvenir joke. Just imagine the ‘’souvenirs’’ of New-York twin towers… one can go on and collect not a bad collection of this kind. The innovation of design is that the vivid emblems and logos of the burning cars are some kind of trading brand of the event.

Gleb Yershov