"One more time about love..." / Oleg Maslov

Oleg Maslov

"One more time about love..."

26 Dec - 31 Jan 2009

The spectator at Oleg Maslov’s exhibition gets in a trap. Familiar to everybody since 1980th hooligan expressionist from art group “New wild ones”, then transformed in to the brilliant professor of New Academy of Fine arts, here suddenly appears…the abstract artist. But  it is dodge and prelude: abstract paintings only foretell color scale of an exposition of big format (up to 190x140) figurative painting. It is color of summer, triumph of life and love enthusiasm, which contrasting with December and, simultaneously, as the motley confetti, emphasizing pleasure of Cristmas and New Year’s holiday.
But before to pass to Maslov’s new picturesque cycle “One more time about life…”, we shall address to history. In 1993 two professors of just created by Timur Novikov New Academy of Fine arts, Oleg Maslov and Victor Kuznetsov have amazed everybody with a series of works “A blue Lagoon”/ These greater picturesque products have been made from photo images of the bohemian company which are had a rest on a nudist beach in Simeise. On this canvases the naked youth appeared as antique gods and heroes of myths. “A blue Lagoon” was the first large manifest project of new academism art, but that for some reason till now it is not estimated. These works have given a push of reanimation of the traditional, reaching from an ancient genre “Alive pictures”, with which Russian aristocracy in XVIII-XIX centuries had a good times, up to maskarad films D.Kharms and A.Poret. In the new academism art the multifigured production photo usually anyhow stylized, became the hole direction. Once in a café I have heard, as the visiting muscovite told to neighbours, that in the Petergof park from a forest the naked young men and girls in laurel wreaths, with lyres and other antique attributes have jumped out. They established the photo camera and asked it to remove the stage from an antique life, which had created by them.

And now this style leaves on a new coil. The artist speaks, what unlike the grandiose work “Homere’s Triumph’ (Maslov with Kuznetsov), which can be compared to an epopee, the new cycle is comparable to a serial. Topics are sharing like the “stills”: here the nahimovec carries his girl, who is sitting on a luggage carrier of an old bicycle- and background of this work is Neva river near the Oreshek fortress; here they have settled down on a picnic, and here already the girl has remained only in the shoes…One naked beauty gathers mushrooms and meets the tractor driver. Schoolgirls in the soviet brown school form with aprons walk on Yelagin island, dance, play badminton, and beside the maniac already near.

All this works is written in bright color and a realistic manner, and from that the shade of absurdity, any Bunuel’s style as though there were certain fantastic or pseudofantastic TV-serials amplifiles.
First of all in the creation Maslov is always interested in two things- the unshakable fun, shown him in remembered expressiveness of images; and quality of his painting. In the last master’s works brightness of paints corresponds to slightly obscured, a little bit faded during the time, as though hiding for itself still any light, painting. The blinding sun generates smoke, so it is the reason that the persons in the pictures blink and screw up their eyes.

Andrey Hlobistin