Our Mashas / Maksim Svishev

Maksim Svishev

Our Mashas

30 May - 21 Jun 2008

The name of Maxim Svishev's video installation- «Our Mashas»- softly pushes the spectator in a place, where everyone are dared and pleased to popular TV show  «Our Russia». Mashas, which Maxim Svishev has represented with animation and shows on two greater screens in adjacent halls of  Anna Nova gallery, therefrom: from a freakish Russian reality. Here rabbles builds on  their own representations about a correct life  glamour, and from time to time even on special Rublevka garbage joins to the rests of pleasures  of high life.

Svishev chooses in the first focus-group the glamourus girls which luxuriate in beams of happiness, while the second focus-group of rabbles girls become wet under the rain behind a window of this paradise-  elite salon, society, SPA or art : it doesn't metter. Mashas both here and there naturally the same, because a social difference between them is accidental: glamourus girls  are yesterday's or tomorrow's rabbles and on the contrary. They are similar as the twin, their general ancestor Russian national doll.

Ekaterina Andreeva