Painting and sculpture / Elena Figurina

Elena Figurina

Painting and sculpture

13 Oct - 20 Nov 2005

Elena Figurina, a famous artist of St.Petersburg, belongs to the group of expressionists. In the second half of the 70-ties she went into the group called ‘’Chronicle’’. She was a member of the Association of Experimental Arts. She has been taking part in the exhibitions since 1978.

‘’Тhe pictures and the world of sculptures of Elena Figurina are inhabited. Obviously, people are in some spiritual and physical relation with each other, that passes through the artist herself. Watching the people meeting in the garden, playing chess, having meal one believes that Figurina presents one not numerous folk inhabiting some settled place... The composition always presents two constant forces: one from icon painting, the other one from extatic vanguard expressionism.’’

Ekaterina Andreeva

You can meet the works of Elena Figurina in the collections of the State Russian Museum, State Tretiakov Gallery, Norton Dodge (Zimmerly Museum, New Jersey, the USA) and in many other state, social and private collections in Russia and abroad as well.