Panorama. Fragments / Olga Chernysheva

Olga Chernysheva

Panorama. Fragments

15 Jun - 14 Jul 2007

Olga Chernyshova shows only a part of her wide art series ‘’Panorama’’ at the third personal exhibition in St. Petersburg. The artist started to work with this series of pictures in 2004. It is dedicated to a Soviet movie house called ‘’Round Panorama’’ that was opened at the exhibition of All Union Achievements of National Economy.

It was at the time of Khrustchov reforms. Chernyshova’s pictures represent the images floating on the round screens, fascinating the spectators by the sphere sparkle of communist life from the beaches of  Pre – Baltic republics to the mosques of Samarkand. Long ago people imagined the earth and the sky on the concave surface of the sphere. The Church apses still remind us about it. Soviet ideology designers used it setting a man in the centre of a new world. Chernyshova opens ‘’ Round Panorma’’ for herself at the beginning of XXI century.

‘’Round Panorama’’ is an old and empty place of power worship, where the spiritual illusion changed into an optical illusion. Primary, the black joining lines of 11 screens were taken as the unity of vast areas of the former USSR, now they are becoming the structural framework for the pictures of the artist. Her modern concept takes into account sick clashes with the borders of the isolated and fragment worlds. She offers to revalue the new isolated forms of life in a spiritual way.’’ 

Ekaterina Andreeva