Peterhof. Photos / Alexander Kitaev

Alexander Kitaev

Peterhof. Photos

16 Jun - 15 Jul 2006

Kitayev was taking pictures of Peterhof in 1990-ties and came back to his negative imprints at the beginning of this century. He worked at the regime industrial works and couldn’t imagine going sightseeing to some countries until 1999. So, Peterhof was the only place where he could see the best traditions of western-european art. The cultural monuments decorating the parks of Peterhof were perceived by him as the main reasonable constant of St. Petersburg history and myths. The exhibition is supposed to present contrasting comparison of cultural landscape and noisy smog of everyday being. The waves of audio record in which you can hear different voices, the sound of footsteps and gravel, all these sounds break against the black and white statues in his pictures. (Ekaterina Andreyeva, a leading scientific researcher of the department of the newest trends at the State Russian Museum.) At the exhibition one can see 30 works from different series and separate photo views of Peterhof. They give you an idea of some art experiments Kitayev carried on depicting various things.

Ekaterina Andreeva