Remains / Andrey Kuzkin

Andrey Kuzkin


16 Jun - 20 Jul 2011

Remains is some works and ideas from performance «Everything is before itself!» (15th March 2011), when Andrey Kuzkin founded all his works, personal things and staff of the studio in the steel boxes. During all years Kuzkin's romantic nihilism became closer and closer to that moment -  any idea at once  became a story like hard concrete, in which Andrey walked for hours during the performance «On a Circle».

Kuzkin's method is based on the autotherapeutic style of art. Its essence is briefness, its practise is сleaning useless meanings and obsolete ideas. This morbidly emotional art is in the inner need of body and soul, art and life purification. Kuzkin morbidly reacts to the world. He whitens glossies, attacking the Glamour. He changes  usual perception, taking just what he wants into his crystallized world, where  all extraneous aspects disappear to show the main meaning. In that world artist says just when he has something to say, when something happens inside demanding to be expressed.  And this expression is deeply  sensual, because just spontaneous emotion is true.

Material art fixed the failing life by force. Founded life into zinc coffin of time, Kuzkin gives the rest of himself from the past, trying to leave it. Recent past is always blurred, because it is hard to define it historicaly now. But Kuzkin's emotionality garantees that artist played all his cards without any chance to revanche.

Remains are always tragical — in this perspective any banality will be exposed. Struggled with the triteness, Kuzkin tries to fix exactly historical remains, demostrating the last point of life without any perspective for fututre.

Theme of purification is mostly importatnt  in the perspective of 33 universary — at that age Andrey father, Alexandr Kuzkin, died. Kuzkin junior reviews his arsenal again, throw off useless, breaking unreal, counting the rest and leave it. Inevitability predominates over creation making it self-critical. Again and again refusing something, which descreditet itself, he belives in need to leav any convencionality. Because just purification allows to go further to real meaning.

Is there any meaning in the reality? In natural forms and smells? In saving eternity of metals? Or in fanciful  placement of post morterm? We don't know it yet.

Dmitriy Ozerkov