Screens / Jury Alexandrov

Jury Alexandrov


22 Jan - 19 Feb 2011

Jury Alexandrov called his  new exhiition «Screens». The artist paints on canvases, taped on the folding constractions. In dictionary ARGO and in old sovient police films there is such term as «shirmach»(screenman). It's a man who draws public attention away from his shady deals with tricks like with screens. So the direct meaning of screens is very important for the artist — to fence off with it, even to hide. He makes something similar with pseudonyms -he hides his real name, replacing it with unpresentable ones or creative team.

Alexander Borovsky

«The picture can't be a window to reality or to other worlds, it's not the artist's emotional experience, meaning space. it doesn't incover something in its depth, in illusive third dimension. On the opposite side it hides, becoming louvre on opened window, becoming a screen. Perhaps screen just protects us from ourselves keeeping in this side of links. And instead of desired depth we see just surface's folds, which don't disappeare when the screen is smoothed».

Jury Alexandrov