Contest 2012

Contest 2012

30 Jan - 20 Jun 2012

The IV Competition for Young Artists 'NEW PROJECTS FOR ANNA NOVA GALLERY»


In 1983, when many of today's young artists were just born or were conceived by their parents, the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival went to the film "Monty Python's Meaning of Life." Punk youth ideas of Monty Python’s company were the reason that adults immediately denied to young viewers the opportunity to learn the meaning of life: somewhere the film was banned, somewhere it was not allowed to the audience under 18 years. Now (with a new era which began in 2000), it is allowed for demonstration in England to those older than 15. So, a ban on opening of the meaning of life has become younger and less severe. It happened just when it seemed that the new youth, including artistic one, is no longer born. Young artists could not be found anywhere. To find them, in 2005, the contest of Anna Nova gallery was started. In five years the picture of artistic life changed drastically: now there are lots of young artists. They first began to appear one after the other, and then tens after tens of each other. In Moscow there are two Biennials for Young Artists: The Official "Qui Vive?" and alternative "Go! Where do you go?". To study what is this new wave,that replaced the two generations of the art of perestroika and post-Soviet times, the magazine "ArtChronika" made a survey in the summer of 2010 of the participants of youth exhibitions and presented a portrait of the average "molhud." It turned out to be a girl, 22-23 years old, not from Moscow, without special education, making art at home, not particularly politicized, but endowed with a sense of social protest. This portrait requires addition of color and so, we ask the young artists the question about the meaning of life, because when is the right time to consider it, if not in your twenties? The question is even more relevant considering the fact that, unlike the previous "new waves" (Soviet people of the sixties - grandparents or perestroika fathers and mothers), the latter went without manifestos. Does this mean that the meaning of life is secret, or elusive, or not at all necessary for life, or for those living the old meanings the new one is not obvious? We are waiting for everyone who is willing to submit his works thinking about the meaning of life, not to mention those who are willing to dare and to show the meaning of life in a full-length, on the 4th competition "New projects for Anna Nova gallery».

Ekaterina Andreeva