Cosmoscow 2018: Moscow, Russia

6 - 9 September 2018

At COSMOSCOW 2018 Anna Nova Gallery present a project 'Syncretism: two fingers' by artist duo, Alexander Dashevskiy and Denis Patrakeev. The artists speaks about the processes of transformation, mutation and the flow of states. 


Alexander Dashevskiy describes body boundaries, social links, professional and personal identities as unstable and uncontrollable. The characters in his works disintegrate, sprawl, blur, and unexpectedly merge with nature, falling into ecstatic states.


Denis Patrakeev tells about mystical processes, alchemical connections, flow and transformation. His works reach that point where metaphysics, ecology and technology merge in an extralogical but harmonious marriage. The expositional dramaturgy of the booth is built around the mixture of themes and the interpenetration of the author's statements.