Piotr Diakov b. 1986

The human body is like a shape. Its image can be contingent. In my method, the human being comes to life through the texture of the hands. 

Piotr Dyakov mainly does sculpture, objects, and installations. He is a participant and co-founder of the North-7 group. In his artistic practice, the artist turns to Baroque, simultaneously playing and deconstructing its main features - exorbitance, theatricality, eye for gesture, and expressivity. The hallmark of Dyakov’s method is using molds of his own hands to create plastic shapes.

His works were exhibited in the State Russian Museum. Together with the North-7 group, he won the of Sergey Kuryokhin Award for Contemporary Art (2018), and the National Innovation Award for Contemporary Art (2019). Piotr worked as a decorating sculptor for Alexey German Junior (films Under Electric Clouds and Dovlatov).

His works are included in the collection of the M KHA Museum of Contemporary Art (Antwerpen, Belgium), as well as in private collections.