Marya Dmitrieva b. b. 1983

Collage, as the main mechanism for production of the unthinkable fabric, which is a picture of some omen, allows me to most accurately represent the essence of the Miraculous phenomenon through artistic practice

The main technique of Marya’s works is collage. For her it is a technique of sculpturing images and concepts. In a certain way, collage passage is a technique of formatting yourself in contact with textures of words, things and experiences. In her essentially postmodern collages, the artist transposes the images of the glow into unforgettable symbolic figures.  By combining many photos with bright discoloration, it creates a surface that seems abstract. She turns to autobiographical experience, the motives of dreams, the principle of spontaneity, creating a surreal introverted world.


Marja was a production designer for Henri Volkonsky’s play Le premier champignon with Alexey Tailenko at Albatros in Paris. Until 2008 she worked as assistant of the fashionable house Tatiana Parfionova. She created costumes for the film Alexander Zeldovich The Target in the script of Vladimir Sorokin. Since 2009 Low Fat Studio Project Manager in Saint Petersburg.