Alexandra Gart b. 1988

What I cherish the most in the artistic practices is the understatement, vagueness, the possibility of multiple interpretations combined with visual simplicity

Alexandra Gart's work incorporates graphics, installations, and videos. Her artistic practice focuses on the creation of parallel post-apocalyptic worlds - a meditation about the Anthropoceneepoch. Turning to the ideas of dark ecology, the artist invites viewers to poetic spaces where living and nonliving things merge. Gart is also interested in artificial lighting and electricity, ascetic artistic means, and the power of visual images made with little apparent effort.


Alexandra is the co-founder of the STYD - an independent art space. A series of Gart’s total installation (Styd, Fail, Resistance is Futile) has been shown there. As a member of the space’s curatorial team, she became the winner of the category ‘Art’(2021) in the ‘TOP 50 Saint Petersburg’s . Most Famous People awards’. She was the nominee for the Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Prize (2021) in the category ‘The Best Visual Art’ with her project ‘Fail’ (2021). In 2013 through 2016, she participated in the international public art festival ‘Art Prospect’. In 2017 through 2019 she successfully showcased her works at the SamFair. She designed  Nikolay Oleynikov's book ‘Service to Science’ (2016).