What I cherish the most in the artistic practices is the understatement, vagueness, the possibility of multiple interpretations combined with visual simplicity

Alexandra Gart is a St. Petersburg based artist and a cofounder of STYD experimental exhibition space. She works with graphics, painting, sculpture, and installations. In her artistic practice, Alexandra refers to liminality in its general sense – from graphic and pictural representation of dimly alarming empty spaces to immediate putting of the viewer into the state of vagueness, instability, with a variety of readings possible in her total installations. The artist’s method is based on ascetic artistic means. She creates her visual images that are as powerful as possible with little visible effort applied.


As a member of the curatorial team at STYD, she won the award ‘TOP 50. Most famous people of St. Petersburg’ in the ‘Art’ category (2021). She applied for the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award with her ‘Fail’ project in the ‘Best Visual Art Work’ category (2021). In 2013 through 2016, she took part in Art-Prospect international public art festival. In 2023, Alexandra illustrated Nikolay Oleynikov’s book ‘Serving science’ and booklets for the concerts arranged by the Broadcasting House.