Laboratorium suggerere: Valeria Abendroth

8 February - 7 March 2020

With my work I would like to activate deep sensitivities of the human body: when we feel and touch, we become conscious of ourselves and get a realistic spatial impression thanks to the sense of touch


Valeria Abendroth, artist

The interactive installation Laboratorium Suggerere mimics a medical laboratory interior, a walkable space where reality and fantasy come together. Attractive textures, smooth shapes and colors of biomorphic objects may seem fascinating at first, but with a closer look delight might give place to discomfort. Here, 3D-printed body organs, bones, and veins neighbor on abstract art objects made of synthetic materials like plastic, wax, and silicone. These sculptural objects resembling prostheses, body parts, and biological structures are free of identity. As if caught while mutating, they should be seen as a looming beginning of something that can't be fully captured and understood yet.


The artist aims to create an impulse and to establish an awareness for the current development and transformation of health and life sciences. Visitors are invited to sensually capture this artificial clinical space with the sense of touch, sense of vision, and sense of smell.