Spider's Web Forest: Alexandra Gart

24 December 2021 - 7 February 2022

 'Spider’s Web Forest' by Alexandra Gart continues her serial reflection over the Anthropocene era.


The exhibition is located at two levels, being a grand installation that features metal structures, fluid resin, graphics on rice paper rolls and 12 meters long matte pergamin along with audio light boxes.


Alexandra’s works invite viewers into a ruined, abandoned and havoced place, which is rather mystical and weird than gloomy and sinister. The postapocalyptic landscape where humans no longer live represents synthesis of industrial and natural that germinates a totally new world, where an abandoned city becomes an independent living matter. The image of a post-anthropocene universe results from the artist’s experience of life in a modern urbanized space. Gart is anxious not only about environmental pollution, but about the city full of matters like plastic, metal, wires and other non-living things ... People taking dereliction and desolation for granted made the artist turn to the dark ecology ideas and ponder on synthesis of matters living and non-living, natural and faux.


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