"Woodman & Partners" Architecture Bureau, or The Paradise Built by Me: Nestor Engelke

16 March - 20 April 2019

I am writing my book. I have splinters in my hands and sawdust in my pants, because I am building my own Paradise. Day after day I cut down the pages of my book. I am the inventor of the wood-painting method. I also collect architectural styles and create wooden tablets about architecture


 Professor Woodman, artist

The exhibition Woodman Architectural Bureau & Partners or Paradise built by Me is the first personal project of Nestor Engelke, a member of the North-7 group. At the exhibition, he introduces himself as Professor Woodman, head of the Woodman & Partners architecture bureau, which specializes in the production of sliver architecture or self-destructive architectural signs. The exhibition becomes the most significant work in all the years of the existence of the imaginary bureau.


The office of the imaginary bureau is located on the first floor of the gallery, and on the second floor the professor presents a project called Paradise. It was created in order to destroy the earthly paradise and recreate the artificial idea of paradise. Reflections about such an ideal architectural form turned to the Engelke's first solo exhibition, which is a hill of slivers - a symbolic landscape of the fragments of a dream.