World in Flux: Denis Patrakeev

29 September - 2 December 2017

The myth begins to be born and soar in the mathematics of the world. It becomes an invisible guide, a fragrance, a volatile fluid, a prophetic dream and a response flying in the wind. In a fiery touch of it, the hungry strings of the universe are saturated with fresh matter. Four fingers tickle the infant cosmos, tenderly touch the colorless curls of the crown of the head. Faceted forefinger is burning with gravity, and in the traces of its movements prophetic birds migrate from substance to thing  


Denis Patrakeev, artist

The exhibition "World in Flux" is a personal project of the artist Denis Patrakeev, in which the synthesis of science and poetry is embodied through the abstract hero Stihiaved (element expert). This hero lives in an era of metamodernism, neo-romanticism, hesitation and contradiction.


Creating his own mythologeme, Patrakeev constructs an alternative view of reality: from an anthropocentric, crowned “I”, to dissolution in creative symbiosis with elements of nature. From playing with physical forces to the sacrament with the elements of the spirit.


At the exhibition, the artist offers viewers to immerse themselves in the perception of art not through a set of familiar art history terms, but through a poetic description of the works. Poems become an equally important part of the exposition and, along with sculpture, objects, and painting, create a world of minimalistic images that are close in spirit to the philosophy of unity.